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    About us
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        Anqing World chemical co., LTD., which is a subsidiary of Anhui hai kang pharmaceutical co., LTD.,was founded in 2010. It is specialized in the manufacture and D&S of pharmaceutical intermediates. And it also reached the production value of 30 million RMB in 2013. The company is mainly responsible for the technology D&S of AnHui HaiKang Pharmaceutical CO.,LTD, product screening, and sales of relative products.Our company have built two grant synthetic workshops for manufacturing consignment of pharmaceutical intermediates.

    Mobile:+86-18957903981 Fax:+86-556-5690026 E-mail:1040271294@QQ.com
    Add:No.21 Huancheng West Road,Anqing,Anhui Province.Postal Code:246000
    Copyright@2016Anqing World Chemical Co., Ltd.
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